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TikTok Senior Ecommerce Account Manager, Ashanti McKenzie

“Never work hard, always strive to work smarter”. Earlier in my career I assumed the more hours you put in working yourself to the ground the more credit you would receive for all the efforts you put it, but that simply isn’t true at all. To my detriment it meant that I was sacrificing my mental and physical health and it never accounted to greater overall success. It’s important to understand the why behind what you do because it gives you more perspective, which should lead to better discernment.
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How BYP’s Job Board Levels The Playing Field

Young Black employees in the UK continue to face racism and workplace barriers despite the popularity and reach of the Black Lives Matter movement.
Four fashion winners

How These Fashion Changemakers Are Leading the UK’s Black Fashion Renaissance

To prioritise diversity and inclusion, designer brands, tastemakers and stakeholders recognise Black voices in the industry. These four designers are challenging the status quo with fresh, innovative designs that actively shape the future of fashion.
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