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Changing the black narrative

BYP Network is the partner of choice for hundreds of organisations looking to genuinely diversify their talent pools by tapping into the Black professional community. With 150k members, 50+ events a year and hundreds of mentorship opportunities, we are the place to go for all things Black professional. Through our products and services, we enable companies to enhance their brand as an employer of choice to the Black community and hire from a talent pool that has previously been difficult to reach. 

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BYP Network is a platform with tens of thousands of members across the globe and we provide a social network, professional development blogs, leadership podcasts and events as well as newsletters.

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The BYP Network aims to 'change the Black narrative' by connecting the global Black professional community and creating long-lasting solutions to the community's problems actively.


Get involved with and keep up to date with all our events led by BYP and hosted by our Partners. Whether that is a Webinar, Social or Conference we got you!


A community of Black professionals connecting with each other and with leading companies to advance their career and elevate the status of the Black professional and Black talent everywhere.

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Looking For A New Career? Connect and apply today with innovative companies that care about diversity & inclusion through our community job board


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We want to ensure that there is a future where black people can see themselves represented in all industries.

BYP Network aims to harness and elevate the status of the Black professional, shatter misconceptions of the Black narrative and promote equity in the professional sphere.

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TikTok Senior Ecommerce Account Manager, Ashanti McKenzie

“Never work hard, always strive to work smarter”. Earlier in my career I assumed the more hours you put in working yourself to the ground the more credit you would receive for all the efforts you put it, but that simply isn’t true at all. To my detriment it meant that I was sacrificing my mental and physical health and it never accounted to greater overall success. It’s important to understand the why behind what you do because it gives you more perspective, which should lead to better discernment.


Corporate Partnerships

We help organisations to ATTRACT, ENGAGE, RECRUIT and RETAIN Black Talent from our network
of over 50,000 Black professionals.

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