Changing the Black narrative

The story so far.

BYP Network was founded by the need to connect Black professionals and students from all over the world for role model visibility, career opportunities, business support and ultimately to solve our own problems.

As a former Great Britain Athlete and A* student, Kike oniwinde was afforded many opportunities including a full scholarship to the University of Florida. She met some incredible people including Black students and professionals across different backgrounds. It dawned on her that there wasn’t much representation outside of sports and entertainment yet there is Black talent everywhere. On top of being one of only few Black people in her banking internships the 2016 Black Lives Matter protests also convinced Kike that BYP Network could be a true solution.

After 3 years of building BYP, Kike added Meera Raikundalia as a Co-founder after meeting at the New Entrepreneurs Foundation. Meera is passionate about amplifying Black Talent, working with Corporate partners to diversify acquisition pipelines and driving positive change across all industries.

In 2020, BYP held a historic million dollar crowdfund, grew the team by ten-fold and doubled down our efforts of ‘changing the Black narrative’.

Our Impact.


We had 678 people attend our ‘Connect to Nigerian Youths’ initiative in response to the destructive police brutality and killings we witnessed during the #EndSars campaign.

*The Naira (sign: ₦; code: NGN) is the currency of Nigeria







Covid-19 Fundraiser

BYP Network are solution focused. When we saw the plight our community faced we were compelled to do what we could to help ease the suffering of our much valued key workers. Partnering with an incredible, like minded organisation such as Kwanda made perfect sense as our missions were well aligned..




Grants given

Member testimonials.

Lead a BY-Peer Group

With 150,000 members across 5 continents, our community gathers round BY-Peer Groups.

Each peer group is led by a Chief Activator who creates valuable opportunities for BY-Peer Group members to network, upskill and share knowledge.

If you are a natural leader who is passionate about driving change for Black professionals and want to make a positive impact in your community, we invite you to apply to be a Chief Activator to lead either a City or Professional BY-Peer Group.

The benefits of being a Chief Activator include: 

  • Accelerate the growth of your professional network
  • Fast track your career progression
  • Increase your earning potential
  • Gain exposure as a trailblazer who drives positive change for young black professionals
  • Receive VIP access to the BYP Network Leadership conference including complimentary ticket, front row seat, swag and invitation to parties and drinks receptions
  • Be invited to an exclusive Leadership Retreat for Chief Activators hosted at Country House in the United Kingdom, where you will have the opportunity to network, exchange ideas and share knowledge with fellow Chief Activators

Do you want to make an impact? Are you a natural leader? Are you someone who is passionate about providing representation for the future generations?

Apply now to lead a BY-Peer Group