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Get matched to a mentor and unlock your future potential

BYP Mentoring is your smart career companion. Currently in closed beta, we are now introducing you to exclusive mentorship opportunities based on your personal career goals.

We are gradually inviting members to the BYP Mentoring experience. Due to the high demand we are operating a waiting list.

We’ll let you know once we find suitable mentorship opportunities for you.

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How BYP Mentorship Works

Three easy steps to receive tailored matches that will help you advance your career

Answer a few questions about yourself & your goals

Tell us about your background and your personal career goals.

Get matched with mentorship oppportunities

We'll match you to exciting mentorship opportunities based on your profile.

Exclusive opportunities at the most exciting companies

As a BYP Mentoring user you will get access to exclusive career opportunities at our partner companies.

Learn from leaders at forward-thinking employers

Grow your network & get the advice you need to bring your career to the next level

Get introduced to career opportunities

Companies like Zendesk, Zurich and Meta are not just providing mentorship, but also have exciting career opportunities available. As a BYP member you’ll be the first one to know about them.

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