Why Ohio’s Tech Hub is the Place to Be for Ambitious Tech Professionals

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One of the many exciting by-products of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US has emerged to be the country’s latest mass migration. It happened through a combination of factors. The earliest days of the pandemic, which saw cities like New York, London and Los Angeles so heavily affected, made big-city living much less appealing. Additionally, the impact on the economy made the high cost of living in tech hubs like Silicon Valley nearly impossible. Additionally, being close to family – especially aging parents – became more of a priority for many young adults.

And thus, the American Midwest became a hub and destination for young professionals. And the tech industry particularly has followed suit, settling on the state of Ohio as its next port of call. While the country’s often fraught political discourse has repeatedly labeled the Midwest states as “Flyover States,” much of that country has been vital to the business landscape for many years. 

Tech growth in the Buckeye State

According to Purpose Jobs, the American Midwest is home to 45% of Fortune 500 companies and 60% of all US manufacturing. The area is also home to 19% of the country’s GDP and the fifth-largest economy in the world. Truth be told, the conversation about the merits of the Midwest, in the tech space specifically, has been happening as far back as 2018, with technology companies such as Intel, Facebook, Google, Amazon Web Services, and Carvana all clamoring to do business in the region. 

This is excellent news for anyone considering a move to the area because much of this potential still needs to be explored. For one, the state of Ohio is a hidden gem amid all this growth. Earlier this year, CompTIA – a nonprofit association for the information technology industry and workforce – reported that net tech employment in Ohio grew by 2.9% last year. During that time 7,500 new employees joined the tech workspace. 

Ohio’s growth and investment in more tech jobs 

The growth in the tech sector did not happen by happenstance. After pouring close to $3 billion into health and insurance startups in Ohio over the past 20 years, venture capitalists have shifted their attention to the tech space. In 2021, a healthcare software company called Olive and another firm called Path Robotics received half of the $1 billion invested into Ohio’s tech industry. And these are only two tech startups that have blossomed in and around the state’s capital of Columbus.

Beyond the calculated investments made into the business space, the people of Ohio have spent the last few years investing in the rich culture and structure that has always made their home state stand out. In cities like Cleveland – about two hours from the capital – expats are welcomed with open arms with an abundance of opportunities and resources available.

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