RX Awarded with Race Equality Matters’ Trailblazer Status

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RX (formerly Reed Exhibitions), one of the world’s leading events companies, has been awarded with the Race Equality Matters (REM) Bronze Trailblazer Status, in recognition of its work to address racial inequality within the organisation through training and recruitment initiatives.   

Bronze is the first stage in the Trailblazer series spotlighting organisations that are implementing impactful solutions to drive race equality. The series starts at the Bronze level and then organisations have the opportunity to progress to Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels based on their continued meaningful progress.    

RX was awarded Trailblazer status in part for its actions to create a more psychologically safe environment, to increase representation of people of colour in its workforce, and to improve the diversity of its candidate pipeline.   

Some of the actions RX has taken through the leadership of Global Race & Ethnicity committee:   

  • Hosted two Global Race Forums to share knowledge about race relations, with over 800 employees attending globally.   
  • Managing the donation of $200,000 dollars per year for five years to non-profits working for race equality in UK, US, Brazil, South Africa and Australia, focusing on cultural, educational and employment equity projects.   
  • Growing ethnical diversity representation  by driving efforts to achieve a diverse pipeline of candidates in recruitment processes.      

“The Trailblazer certification process is a unique opportunity for us to get feedback from a diverse group of judges from across the world, who are champions of race and ethnicity equality. During the application process, we were able to dig into to the progress we have made the last 3 years, highlighting the impact our Global Race & Ethnicity Committee actions have brought to our business,” said Alinne Rosa, Executive Sponsor of RX’s Global Race & Ethnicity Committee.   

Designed to recognise organisations driving meaningful change in the race equality sphere, REM Trailblazer status is determined by an independent panel of experts, all with lived experience of race inequality in the workplace. Trailblazer status is #MoreThanAnAward. The purpose is to:   

  1. Identify what is making a meaningful impact   
  2. Encourage those making an impact to keep the momentum going   
  3. Inspire others to up their game    
  4. Evidence an organisation’s commitment to #ActionNotJustWords to tackle race inequality     

Becoming a Trailblazer is recognition of the work RX is doing to successfully address racial inequality and become a more diverse, inclusive, and equal organisation.      

“The certification process is also a great platform to make us accountable as an organisation, to keep building our initiatives and expanding them throughout all our offices globally. I hope this recognition will encourage more of our people to get involved with our ERGs as a genuine opportunity to impact the industries we serve and people that we work with!” added Alinne Rosa.   

Race Equality Matters is a not-for-profit that aims to be the catalyst to move organisations and individuals from just talking, to taking meaningful action that has a real impact on tackling race inequality. Formed in response to 2020’s Black Lives Matter movement, its mission is to remove the barriers and provide the solutions to tackle race inequality.  

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