The Power of Real Allyship 

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Allyship is a critical piece in DEI

Businesses are focusing more than ever on efforts to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Reports indicate that financial returns are 33% higher in companies with more diverse teams. However, with 86% of professionals experiencing racist language in the workplace and more than half believing that bias is the main barrier to employment, this is beginning to look like a far-fetched goal. Could allyship be the missing ingredient? 

Among the calls for diversity and inclusion is the need for allyship. Allyship is a critical piece of the diversity and inclusion puzzle. It’s about harnessing the power of helping others and paving the way for Black professionals to become change agents in the workplace. Beyond simply being a buzzword, it entails developing genuine relationships and cooperating to create an equitable and fair workplace. 

The need for corporate allyship

Public awareness of systemic racism has pushed businesses to foster inclusive cultures, frequently enlisting allies as collaborators to support the underrepresented. When it comes to championing allyship, corporate partnership is vital. In the words of BYP’s CEO and Founder, Kike Oniwinde, “change can only happen through collaborating with our peers, leaders, allies, and community.” 

BYP approaches diversity from a collaborative perspective. One way we’ve done this is through our corporate leadership conference, where our partners share their lived experiences to effect positive change. Here are three ways being an ally can help.

Use your voice to drive impactful change

Allies speak out against negative workplace behaviors such as unconscious bias or microaggressions. At BYP, our allies are recognized as the missing link for businesses to take the next step in genuinely embedding inclusion into their people’s everyday experiences. A clear example is BYP’s recent leadership conference with one of our partners, Sky

Acknowledge Black professional talent

Black professionals’ competency and acumen are often challenged, dismissed, and questioned. As an ally, you can consciously make it a point to recognise their expertise and skills. This could be done in small ways, such as mentioning someone’s important work on a project during a conversation, or in larger ways, such as through public communications or awards.

Amplify their voices

One thing we love about our allies is their continuous support for Black professionals. How are you using your platform to support and amplify the Black experience? 

Use your platform to amplify someone else’s ideas and story — whether in marketing, communications, presentations, reports, verbal storytelling, vendor management and procurement, product and service design, or any other way your platform can elevate new voices and ideas.

Become a BYP Partner

Our annual leadership conference facilitates honest conversations needed for change.  We help to produce and highlight a clear path to success for talented Black professionals who might otherwise struggle to make the right connections. Allyship goes beyond hiring diverse talent or having a written policy; it’s an ongoing collaborative process. 

Join us, and let’s build a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

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