Millennial Entrepreneurs, Here’s Why You Should Be On TikTok!

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Are you part of TikTok’s one billion users worldwide? Launched in 2016, the app received a meteoric rise between 2020-2021, with a projection of 15 million users in the UK by 2025. 

It’s not all just mimicking dance videos. TikTok has created new soil for Black entrepreneurs looking to gain visibility in their respective markets. Most notably, Gen Z is capitalising on the app while millennials are slowly catching up. Gen Z makes up about 60 percent of the two generations, while millennials account for an estimated 39 percent. 

For millennial entrepreneurs second guessing if they should build a TikTok business strategy, reports indicate a resounding yes, and here’s more on why.  

Greater reach to a global audience 

Unlike other platforms, TikTok favours authentic community content, which allows you to build connections with audiences around the globe. Take, for instance, Sierra Nicole. With more than 270K followers, she has become a go-to business leader using entertaining videos to share tips to lead a multi-million dollar brand.

You’ll probably already know or recognise Senegalese-born TikToker Khaby Lame too. At 22-years old, Lame has just recently become the world’s most followed TikToker, boasting almost 150M followers. Check out these other 18 Black TikTok influencers who are absolutely crushing it.

A playground for creatives 

From trending challenges that encourage your followers to engage to easily searchable hashtags, TikTok is about fun and creativity. Building brand recognisability is easier as you provide content that aligns with your community’s lives.

To stay up to date with the #BlackTikTok community, be sure to follow @BlackTikTok, a space dedicated to Black creatives and committed to highlighting the stories and content of Black creators who are shaping TikTok and culture.

Social media trends change quickly, and learning a new app can feel intimidating, but it is well worth the investment. Having the support of your peers here at BYP makes the journey fun and a bit interesting along the way. Join a BY-Peers Group and take your enterprise to the next level. 

BYP Network x TikTok

BYP is building out its own TikTok profile – follow us on the platform! We also share lots of our favourite video reels on our Instagram. For instance, we love the creative and relatable content of @joyofodu, @imdrebrown and @liljehu_.

Want to know more about the ins and outs of TikTok?

BYP recently held an online TikTok Virtual Careers Fair: Navigating into The Tech Industry. Watch videos of the discussions:

BYP x TikTok Careers Fair – Panel discussion: “How I got into tech”

The event kicked off with a panel discussion where representatives from TikTok’s Black Employee Resource Group, BLXCK Europe, discussed the highs and lows of their career journey into the tech industry.

BYP x TikTok Careers Fair – Marketing & More at TikTok

Hear from a marketing and comms recruiter who will be sharing hiring insights on the roles that are currently available, and advising you about how to make your application stand out from the crowd.

BYP x TikTok Careers Fair – How to Become an Exceptional Content Creator

Kelsey Robb, Creator Partnerships Manager, is discussing the best practices for becoming a full-time content creator. The workshop will also provide key tips on how users can monetise on the platform.

BYP x TikTok Careers Fair – TikTok Is Not Just About Marketing

In this session, our recruiter from our operations and data division will share essential tips and tricks on how to land your perfect job within these businesses units at TikTok.

BYP x TikTok Careers Fair – How to make your CV TikTok

Do you know what makes a good CV? In this session, recruiters will share valuable advice on what to include in your CV and general dos and don’ts.

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