By-Peers is our global community of Black professionals connecting in-person and online across different cities and industries.

We’re Changing the Black Narrative

Lead a BY-Peer Group

Each peer group is led by a Chief Activator who creates valuable opportunities for BY-Peer Group members to network, upskill and share knowledge.

If you are a natural leader who is passionate about driving change for Black professionals and want to make a positive impact in your community, we invite you to apply to be a Chief Activator to lead either a City or Professional BY-Peer Group.

Join a BY-Peer Group

The BY-Peers community brings together Black professionals through two Peer Group types: BY-Peer City Groups where you would be networking with professionals located in the same city. There are currently 50 international city BY-Peer Groups you can join. NB: If we your city is not listed, you are welcome to apply to launch a brand new BY-Peer Group for your city BY-Peer Professional Groups where you would be connecting with executives from the same occupation.