Celebrations and Reflections from our Founder as BYP Turns Six

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BYP Network has come a long way over the years. What began as a vision to create an empowering platform for Black professionals has become one of the premier networking destinations, connecting over 100K members to hundreds of corporate companies worldwide. 

To make our vision real, we curated workshops and events, specifically our flagship Leadership Conference, Mentoring programme, BY-Peers community support, corporate partnerships, and our Job Board, to ensure ongoing equitable access to resources, knowledge, and opportunities. 

During these unprecedented times, our community faces insurmountable challenges that require a leader with a clear vision and the courage to take action. Our founder and CEO Kike Oniwinde’s unwavering commitment to uprooting the status quo is evident in the talented team she’s assembled at BYP and the impact that we’ve had on our communities. From active hires through our job board and mentorship programme, to a renewed sense of purpose, confidence and community, there’s been so much rewarding feedback.

Our recent sixth anniversary coincided with Kike’s own 30th birthday and is indicative of the growth and promising future of BYP. In honour of both, we sat down with our founder on her special day for a candid discussion on personal development, building BYP, and what she expects for the future. 

BYP: What would your 10 and 20-year-old self think about where you are now?

Kike: I remember when I was 10, and I used to wear a top that said, “Remember my name, remember my face, I’m going to be famous.” I loved that top. I feel like the 10-year-old self would say I walked into what I was feeling. My 20-year-old self would be shocked that I am running a company. 

BYP: BYP recently turned six. What is the most significant contributing factor to the success of BYP so far?

Kike: I always believed in BYP and knew that it was something that needed to be built, and no matter what the challenges were, I thought, “I just have to keep going.” It’s been a roller coaster, but it’s always moved upward, so when you look back, I recognise that we’ve come so far, and we’ve yet to scratch the surface. 

BYP: How did it feel to be back in person for BYP’s fourth annual Leadership Conference?

Kike: Initially, I had doubts, but after attending the Leadership Conference, I remembered why it needed to be in person. We have to do it in person. I know there was a pandemic, and I know things have been online, but we’re back to being in person again, and we have to do that. It felt magical with all the feedback. I was running from the venue to the hotel to check on my baby, so it was a very different experience from 2019, but I’m happy we’re back. I know there’s bigger and better to come. 

BYP: Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

Kike: Just as my 20-year-old self couldn’t have predicted where I am now, I can’t expect where I’ll be precisely in ten years. I am someone who has a vision, and I work hard, so I just trust the path. I take every step as it comes, and it will lead me to where I need to go. I know it’s going to be great. 

BYP team during the Trilogy celebrations evening

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