Breonna Taylor is Proof Silence is NOT an Option Anywhere

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Breonna Taylor

Breonna Taylor is Proof Silence Isn’t Optional

In 2020, emergency-room technician Breonna Taylor, 26, was tragically shot and killed by Louisville Kentucky Metro police during a no-knock search warrant in her apartment. 

Calling for justice on behalf of Breonna Taylor
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Despite the questionable validity of the warrant, justice was slow to come, with one police officer being fired as late as three months after the incident. This sparked an international outcry. 

For two years, protestors and organisations have used their voices and actions to shake the table, demanding accountability. And their work is not in vain. Consequently, the U.S. Department of Justice recently announced that the four Louisville police officers had formally been charged with civil rights offences, unconstitutional use of force, obstruction, and conspiracy for their roles resulting in Taylor’s death.

Similarly, in the U.K., after a decade of a legal fight, Zac Sharif-Ali was issued a formal apology and awarded a $30K settlement from the Met police after examinations found that he was illegally stopped and searched, resulting in a 90-second loss of consciousness in 2012. 

Silence in the face of injustice is not an option.

What the supporters of Taylor and Ali have in common is their ability to transform their pain into power because staying silent in the face of oppression is equivalent to violence. As it stands, joining our voices as one from wherever we are becomes powerful. It is powerful enough to effect positive changes in our world.

Here at BYP, our work aims to unmute the voiceless and empower ourselves to transcend our collective grievances. While coping with these incidents is disheartening, it only strengthens our resolve to shed light and brings forth an equitable vision for the future. 

By joining BYP as a Chief Activator leading a peers group, you are directly amplifying the voice of your peers to create that kind of future. 

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