Tosi Fasinro Leverages Experience to Propel D&I at Xerox

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Millennials typically do not stay with a company for more than two years. Reportedly,  21% of millennials say they’ve changed jobs within the past year. More than three times the number of non-millennials like Tosi Fasinro.

He is a 26-year veteran of the Xerox Corporation and the current Global Lead of Analytics & Insight. Still, Fasinro’s path was non-traditional. The former Olympian-bound triple jumper sought athletic sponsorship after earning his first opportunity with Rank Xerox.

Tosi Fasinro
Global Lead Product Analytics & Insight
Life is about opportunities and Excellence gives you more opportunities that you take

The six-month marketing contract turned into a full-time sales position by the end of that year, and he officially changed career paths.

Fasinro experienced tremendous growth within Xerox. From Marketing Executive and C-Level General Manager to his current position, his diverse roles contribute to his outlook on the importance of diversity and inclusion.

He was able to experience the possibilities for Black professionals throughout. Specifically, by working with the U.S. senior teams. Fasinro took note of the minority leadership that was not as plentiful in the United Kingdom.

Xerox also noticed, and in the last few years, it has strengthened its various D&I strategies to cultivate a culture of belonging.

BYP: What do you love most about your job?

Fasinro: I get involved with developing software and applications that my customers use and benefit from. I get to take concepts I’ve invented in my brain, work with developers and designers to create software, and then engage with the sales teams excited to sell it. I like listening to feedback from customers that are getting a benefit from using it. I have a great team worldwide that helps me do that.

BYP: Did you receive assistance from mentors?

Fasinro: I’ve had fantastic managers from the first day. People looked after me and wanted to help me. They took to my work ethic. They pushed me to think about my next step and discussed forward movement, even if it meant losing me on their team. Now, I try to do that for others when I get the chance.

BYP: What steps does Xerox take to support D&I?

Fasinro: There’s been a push in employee resource groups like the National Black Employee Association (NBEA). We’re trying to drive the element of employees feeling like they have a say and opportunity. I try to work with the HR department to recruit more Black talent. Then think about what we do to nurture that talent and keep them on board. Being more aware makes me want to mentor people and assert that there is no glass ceiling. I’m a diversity advocate, and you can see within the global community that there is an opportunity for us to grow.

BYP: What legacy do you want to leave behind?

Fasinro: The idea that I’ve opened more opportunities for other people, just like I was helped. I’ve had the benefit of a village, so I want to be one of those village members.

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