TikTok Community User Operations Specialist, Loretta Obijiaku

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1. Tell us about your journey  

After I bagged a masters degree in Management from the National College of Ireland, I got a job as a  customer service advisor with Paddy Power Betfair . Within 11 months, I progressed into the role of  an escalation Manager, which was a challenging one as I was the first point of contact for handling  sensitive cases relating to areas including problem gambling. I learned a lot of new skills which  prepared me to take up my current role with TikTok as a Community User Operations Specialist.  

2. What is a personal quote/mantra you uphold to help you thrive in your career?  

My personal quote is from the Bible verse in Matthew 19:26. It says “No chance at all if you think you  can pull it off yourself. Every chance in the world if you trust God to do it”. Simply put, with God, all  things are possible. No matter how crazy your career goals are, take it to God and he will see to it  that it is done. When you involve God in every aspect of your life, including your career, be rest  assured that you will succeed, hit significant milestones & fulfill your destiny.  

3. What advice would you give to someone dealing with imposter syndrome?  

You can overcome imposter syndrome by talking to someone about it. It could be your mentor,  your close friend or even your manager. I believe talking about it can help lift the weight off.  Talking candidly about how you’re feeling would help you identify the triggers, devise a coping  mechanism & give you the confidence boost you need.  

4. Upskilling is a key component in anyone’s career, what are some of the measures you  have taken to enhance your skills?  

Well, I created a personal development plan where I identified the skills I wanted to improve, as well  as new skills I was interested in learning. I presented this to my team leader for further advice &  guidance, who was really supportive & recommended some amazing online courses to start off with.  

5. How important is Black role model visibility within the workplace? 

I believe it’s super important to have Black role models in the workplace, in particular, to see  people who are excelling and breaking barriers. He or she can serve as a major source of  inspiration & encourage me to aim for the highest no matter the obstacles.

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