TikTok Talks: Client Solutions Operations, Rudolph Mwadia-Mvita

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Tell us about your journey

I’m a Parisian born and raised, lover of afrodiasporic aesthetics and good taste experiences.

I come from a human sciences background where I was able to cultivate a passion for critical thought. The field of digital humanities at this time was giving me a small room for practical application and research, so I decided to enter the tech industry 6 years ago.

From starting in a sales team for IT consulting company to TikTok Client Solutions team, I was able to progress in my career by building an intelligent digital expertise.

What is a personal quote/mantra you uphold to help you thrive in your career?

Love moves me forward.
The love of my spouse and my family, the love of good things and achievement.

Certainly, in a career there can be challenging times and even conflicts. It is extremely primordial to be able to rely on resources that will fuel the endeavour to make your work ethic prevail all the time.
So for me, it’s definitely the love of mines who helps me to go forward and higher.

How important is Black role model visibility within the workplace?

It’s not important, it’s crucial!
Although we definitely need Black role model visibility in the corporate world, I am challenging the individual conception we have by default that a black role model is made up of a person.
I believe there is more strength and impact coming from actions of a group than the position occupied by one. Each black collaborator can significatively bring visibility within the workplace by their own actions, collaborations and propositions.

Black role model visibility should be a professional ideal which reflects in any black collaborator. 

Upskilling is a key component in anyone’s career, what are some of the measures you have taken to enhance your skills?

Always reach out to my neighbour.

Simple but not that obvious to apply, reaching out to your colleague in the workplace is the guarantee to access updated knowledge and expertise. Even if my colleague is working in a different department or team, I consider my colleague as my equal, if not my superior, when it comes to specific knowledge.

There’s true expertise in the person next to you, and sometimes reaching out is the key to solving problems, adding more value to your work and helping you make it to the upper stage.

What are some of the ways people can illustrate their allyship concerning Diversity and Inclusion?

Allyship is really helpful to minorities when it is people do not try to speak over the voice of the minorities.
People can show their allyship by joining the inclusive spaces opened by minorities so their contributions can be supportive of already existing actions and works.

Allyship is essential in the corporate world, it can be the relay of our ideas to people that will not be sensitive to the cause in the first place.

To find out more about TikTok and their career opportunities visit their Employer Profile page.

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