Putting Purpose at the Centre of Your Career with Multiverse

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Multiverse (previously WhiteHat) opened 2021 with our first partnership event with BYP, exploring how to have a thriving career with purpose at the centre. Since then, we’ve continued to grow with a $44million series B fundraise, a record for UK EdTech, which will enable us to turbocharge our expansion across the UK and US. 
This is in addition to a complete rebrand that better reflects our ambitions. The inspiration for the name WhiteHat came from computer hacking for good, but hacking the system was only the start. Inspired by the theory that there’s an infinite number of alternative universes, our new name, Multiverse, communicates our belief in launching limitless possibilities and changing the future of education and work. 

Despite the pace of change, the social mission has stayed the same. That is that Multiverse is building an outstanding alternative to university and corporate training. This mission, alongside our values, provides a shared purpose amongst employees and apprentices alike. 
Euan Blair, CEO and Founder of Multiverse, reflected: “I began my career in investment banking, armed with two degrees that taught me absolutely nothing about corporate debt and derivatives but were, for no reason other than prestige, considered essential stamps in your passport to get a job. This didn’t make sense to me then, and it’s something Multiverse now exists to change. I had an engaging, rewarding and intellectually challenging career, but I knew I wanted to make a real difference in education and employment. I became obsessed with how to ensure the best jobs of the next decade don’t just go to the same people who got them in the last decade. It’s something we’re all committed to at Multiverse.” 

Chichi Eruchalu, Director of Delivery
Chichi Eruchalu, Director of Delivery

On deciding to join Multiverse from a career in banking and marketing, Head of Digital Pathways, Chichi Eruchalu, said: “In 2018, I took a sabbatical and thought, ‘I know I enjoy marketing, I know I enjoy coaching, how do I pull these things together? I want to help people, then this job appeared through a friend.” Starting her Multiverse role as a Digital Marketing Coach, Chichi was quickly promoted to managing the Digital Marketing Coach Team and then leading the entire Digital Pathways department. This also included Software Engineering Coaches, Data Analytics Coaches and Multiverse’s internal Digital Academy.
On beginning at Multiverse, she said, “I remember coming to interview and talking to the people here, and I thought, this is such a unique place, with a special mission. A place that will allow me to take the things that I love doing and marry them together, helping hundreds of people in the process. You can find opportunities that allow you to have the best of both worlds.”
Interested in learning more about how you can find your purpose with Multiverse? From software engineering to coaching to sales, we’re growing and you can check out our roles here

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