Panel: Re-engaging the Black Community with the Law

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It can seem that law is so up there, and far removed from our day to day lives, but we know this is not the case. As the law industry continues to change and direct society on all levels, while impacting our community, it’s essential as a community we are not only in the room, but at the table. In this panel, our speakers will break down some critical steps you can take to get in to the industry. While sharing practical insight we should ALL know about, whether we are a lawyer or not. It’s time to raise our understanding and awareness of what is happening now that will impact us years down the line.

Speaker : Kem Ihenaho, Private Equity Partner & Co-Chair, Global Private Equity Practice, Latham Watkins

Speaker : Chidi Onyeche, Associate, Latham Watkins

Speaker : Hauwa Shehu, District Crown Prosecutor, Crown Prosecution Service

Host : Claudine Adeyemi, Founder, CareerEar

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