Never Ignore A Recruiter On LinkedIn | Alexis Braddy

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Never Ignore A Recruiter On LinkedIn… Instead, Do This! | Alexis Braddy

So you’re on LinkedIn and a recruiter contacts you to inform you of a new and great role (they are all great right? lol). You read the message and either a) ignore the recruiter or b) send a thoughtful message to decline. I always suggest to my clients not to decline a recruiter, especially if they’re open and would consider a career move for the right opportunity. Actually reply, but reply with a message that may yield the results you are looking for.

Try my message below (edit as needed).

Hi Terry, 

Thanks for reaching out to me concerning this role! I am currently exploring new opportunities, but would ideally like to find a position that is more along the HR path, earning 60K a year. It sounds like this particular role isn’t quite what I am looking for, but do you happen to know of any other opportunities that may be a better fit? If so, I’d love to connect! I’ve attached an updated resume for your review and can be reached directly via email and/or phone (insert info) moving forward.

When doing this, the recruiter can let you know if the role may actually be a potential fit or if something is coming down the pipeline. Worst case scenario, the shoe doesn’t fit. 

Alexis’ Golden Nugget: You never know all the details of a role. The job description is a mere snapshot, don’t miss out on an opportunity due to a job description and review of Glassdoor.

Not hearing from recruiters on LinkedIn and would like to. Below are 2 very easy and quick tidbits that you can utilize to help you increase your profile visibility to hiring managers and recruiters.

1) LinkedIn has a feature on your personal profile dashboard to alert hiring managers you are currently looking for your next career move. Activating this feature does not notify your manager or company you are actively searching on LinkedIn for a role. Instead, when hiring managers are searching for a specific skill, if this skill is listed on your LinkedIn profile in the featured skills, then you will appear at the top of their search. Individuals who have not activated this feature will not appear at all.

2) Another way to appear in a hiring manager’s search, make sure your headline speaks to the skills you offer. It’s very enticing to note in your headline that you love the outdoors and enjoy people. However, if you’re actively looking for a new gig I suggest temporarily altering your headline to include keywords that will increase your visibility. LinkedIn pulls from our profiles to strategically help companies locate talent and that includes our headlines.

About the author

Alexis Braddy is a Global HR Corporate Recruiter for the North American and EMEA markets based out of Miami, FL. She is also an Adjunct Professor at the largest undergraduate institution in the United States. Her passion is helping others in all aspects of their job search from resume writing, interview techniques, offer negotiations and first 90-day strategy. She loves sports, travelling and trying new foods.


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