Multiverse: Spotlight on Temi Anubi

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Author: Temi Anubi – Digital Marketing Coach at Multiverse

Prior to Multiverse, I worked with entrepreneurs, freelancers and creatives on their marketing strategy and business development needs. Although I enjoyed the flexibility of working for myself, I wanted to make more of an impact on a larger scale. When searching for a new job, I decided to look at the BYP Network as I align with their mission to empower Black professionals. I found my current role as Digital Marketing Coach at Multiverse here and this role particularly stood out to me as I had never seen a job role that mixed the facilitation of personal and professional development with a focus on marginalised communities. 

The reason why I chose Multiverse as a company to work for out of all BYP’s partners is because of their mission to build an outstanding alternative to university and corporate training, to develop a diverse group of future leaders. I believe that there are people who utilise their job to facilitate their fulfilment. Then there are those who need their job to offer them fulfilment. Finding a job that aligned with my morals and values, without being performative, was my top priority. So when I found a role that enabled me to increase access to opportunities for people who look like my former self, I was ecstatic. 

Currently, as a Digital Marketing Coach, I create and deliver exceptional training for our apprentices as they kickstart their careers in Digital Marketing. I have learnt many new skills – from coaching to group delivery – and worked with some amazing coaches. However, I did not expect to learn so much from my own apprentices. They have taught me patience, perseverance, and resilience. Often, disparity comes from the lack of access to opportunity. Working with young career starters in the digital space has enabled me to combat this issue and see results in real-time. Multiverse has supported me massively in my job role, providing me with training, guidance and a great team. Finding my job at Multiverse via the BYP Network has changed my perspective in the best way possible and for that, I could not be more grateful.

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