Multiverse: So you think you know about Startups?

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Working in a startup company is a unique experience. The fast-paced environment, constant change and hands-on work approach can be a challenge to some. But for tenacious, creative and barrier-breaking individuals like Shola & Olu from Multiverse, working in a startup is a challenging yet inspirational experience that is nothing short of rewarding. Shola & Olu’s enthusiastic and creative perspectives inherently pacify the pre-emptions of working in a startup environment whilst sharing the true goal of Multiverse: to build an outstanding alternative to university and corporate training.

Multiverse is on a mission to create inspiring and creative university and corporate training alternatives. Gone are the days where higher education is the only way into any chosen field; Multiverse is set on creating a series of innovative ways to help aspiring individuals. We caught up with Shola West, B2B Marketing Associate, and Olu Folarin, Lead Data Coach, to learn more about what life is like at one of Europe’s fastest growing startups.

Shola West-B2B Marketing Associate
‘Don’t be afraid to try something new. The most important thing is being able to say, ‘I’m going to give something a go and just do it.’

Shola started her Multiverse journey as a Digital Marketing Apprentice in the Community Team, completing her apprenticeship with a distinction and being promoted into the Marketing Team. Shola speaks with passion and enthusiasm as she details her journey and what led her to Multiverse. Priding herself as a Black woman from Croydon, South London, Shola depicts her role as an opportunity to inspire others from similar backgrounds. One can still pursue a fulfilling career, despite not having enrolled in higher education. “People still have this stereotype that apprentices look a certain way, but we are equally as good as those who went to university.” Shola starts, “I wanted to do an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing. Multiverse had loads of roles. Based on the interviews I had, I was told that I would be perfect for the team.”

Olu Folarin-Lead Data Coach
‘If you think you are good enough, then you are good enough, go for it. You don’t have to have all of the skills in the world. If you never try, you never know.’

Olu started his Multiverse journey as a Data Coach,  supporting a cohort of apprentices to complete their Data Analyst apprenticeship qualification by delivering workshops and providing 1:1 coaching support. Olu was soon promoted to Lead Data Coach supporting other coaches in their development.

Similarly, Olu agreed that the startup experience is one of a kind, as you can develop skills and knowledge from across the business. “The beauty of working in a startup is that by working with other people, you get to develop further skills and interests.” Olu addresses the changes individuals who choose to work in such an environment are sure to witness in due time. “There is so much room for innovation. If you are not a naturally proactive person, it pushes you to be one. When you see a challenge you feel like there is more for you to do, you end up rising to the occasion.” 

When asked about the benefits of working in a startup, Shola likens the tangible benefits of working in a startup to entrepreneurship and explains that analysing one’s growth becomes a tangible experience through accountability and impact. “Startups are small, so everyone has their key roles, and it is easier to see your impact. It’s a good opportunity to learn how to own a business, hone your skills and truly get stuck in.” The renowned hands-on approach provides every employee with a certain validity regarding the impact they are making. “You don’t feel like an ant in a massive company where what you are moving is not actually driving much or moving the needle. Everyone is a part of the success, and when you see the results, you can feel like you have contributed to that.” She explains that there is also a flexibility that comes with working in a growing company and that the opportunity to pursue creative interests are much higher. “There is so much room to be creative, if I have an idea and my manager co-signs it, we are able to go ahead with the next steps. In a bigger company you would probably need to have it signed off by so many people.”

Olu’s key takeaway is that of growth and continuous learning. “In a startup everyone is learning, everyone is trying to grow and the best part is that you don’t get micromanaged.” He credits the opportunity to learn on the go, which makes the self-evaluation process even more rewarding. “You’ve been working and learning, so when it’s time to look back, you realise that the distance between where you are and where you started has doubled, because you’re actively applying all that you have taken on board.”

The accumulation of new skills, the opportunity to take on new challenges while working with a diverse range of people is a fulfilling opportunity for any individual who chooses to engage in such a unique path. 

Feel like startup life is the right step for you? Join Multiverse as they continue to create a new wave of opportunities in the working world. Visit their jobs board here.

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