Meet Meta’s Tennyson N.

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Tennyson N., AR/VR Integration Engineer in Plymouth, UK, Meta

“AR/VR is an exciting field to work in because of its endless opportunities. It’s a third dimension waiting to be tapped. From medicine to education, it has a lot of applications, with many more emerging as the technology becomes more mainstream. Meta’s mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together, so it’s only fitting we’re one of the first companies to explore this field and carve the way for others in AR/VR.

I am an integration engineer and work across the back-end of the line (BEOL) to deliver displays used in prototype AR/VR headsets. I am pleasantly surprised by the diversity of our growing team in Plymouth. The nationalities within our office span different time zones. Our cultural differences and shared goal help us see things from different angles and ultimately, find great solutions and make better products.”

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