Lift as we Climb: Our Future “Back Home”

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“If you want to fast go alone, if you want to go far go together”

Community has been the cornerstone of most African tribes and cultures. Lifting as we climb, and barter trading efforts have helped communities and societies throughout Africa’s history thrive. In that same vein is Afrochella approach to activation and operation. The festival has always attempted to answer the question – how can we leverage us to benefit us?

This talk will explore inclusivity and collaboration across the continent and diaspora as a means for creating meaningful and impactful businesses back home in Africa. Afrochella will serve as a case study to show how collaborating locally and globally creates opportunity for the continent. We will discuss practical strategies to identify the right collaborations and partners to work with.

Speaker : Abdul Abdullah, Founder, Afrochella

Host : Bisi Akins, Presenter, Social Enterprenuer, Founder, SELF:I:E

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