Learning the Art of Identifying, Cultivating and Unapologetically Leaning on Your Tribe

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Who are we without community — those who we can turn to for guidance, support, upliftment and sometimes a much-needed laugh.  Although we live in societies that often celebrate individuality, where “pulling yourself up by the bootstrap” is considered a measure of success, none of us can realistically exist without each other.  Building a solid community is a vital part of our survival and our ability to navigate this world, both personally and professionally. However this takes work, and there’s an art to making it all come together and work for you. This talk will both inspire and hopefully force us to all re-think about the value of our tribes and how we can identify, cultivate and lean on our communities to build a future for the next generation and beyond. 

Speaker : Sherry Dzinoreva, Director of Policy Programs, Africa, Middle East and Turkey, Facebook

Click here to watch the second session from Facebook, titled “Building Your Career and Community: Driving Change and Impact through Personal Development”.

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