Learn How Fitch Group became a Leading Voice in Credit Ratings and Capital Markets

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Fitch Group serves as a model of what diversity and inclusion can do to propel an organization to the top of its class. The global leader of credit ratings ranks third of its kind with over 4,000 employees spanning more than 30 countries. Fitch has fine-tuned the processes of employee engagement, making its workforce feel part of the big picture. Fitch takes it a step further by partnering with companies like the BYP to enhance their diversity and inclusion goals.

And speaking of the workforce, Fitch received glowing reviews from their employees, some of who have worked with the company for 15 plus years. A stand-out notion is how they allow all junior analysts, with as little as first-day experience, to contribute to their committees as a priority in team meetings.

Strong infrastructures rely on sturdy foundations

Typically, companies prefer new members to “learn the ropes” before attempting to implement any new ideas or comment on matters of business. Fitch’s strategy is that by allowing those fresh faces to speak up first, they can stimulate conversation and eliminate any apprehension said employees may have about their contribution.

And this works tremendously. Employees comment that they not only feel, rather, know their bright ideas are embraced, they are also encouraged to work together to turn those ideas into reality. This single strategy seeps into long-term company loyalty and sparks innovation, with a hint of internal competition to push the company forward.

Taking over the world with the help of the world

Along with these modern, out-of-the-box ideas, Fitch welcomes an array of professionals from all colours, creeds, and corners of the globe to join its ranks. Not only is this ideal for a company with offices from Bangkok, Thailand to Mexico City, Mexico, and nearly everywhere in between, but it also proves to be useful to the overall success of their output.

Credit intelligence and business solutions are extremely data-driven fields. Fitch creates its upper hand by not only considering the sheer knowledge base of its staff but their experience from their perspective backgrounds. Having offices in Thailand, Mexico, Hong Kong, The UK, The US or Frankfurt is great, but employing professionals who are from these places or whose families are, is even better.

To learn more about Fitch Group or to apply for their available opportunities please visit their BYP jobs board here

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