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The new year is ringing in on a high note, especially if you are a technologist and interested in new opportunities. 

GBG, the global specialists in digital identity, is teaming up with BYP Network to offer opportunities within their team.  GBG’s identity verification and location intelligence solutions enable fast, simple, and compliant customer onboarding with reduced risk of fraud for many of the world’s leading organisations.

A new era for the digital world
Today’s digital economy is vast. The global pandemic required millions of people to work remotely, millions more to shop online, and everyone to interact with services. From applying for jobs to submitting requests, online capabilities are in greater numbers than ever – ushering in a new era of digital transactions. 

While this global growth is empowering for companies and individuals, it has negative side effects. More digital interactions increase potential revenues for cybercriminals across the world. GBG makes sure good customers are swiftly identified and delivered to their destination while fraudsters are blocked – creating a safe digital world where everyone can transact online with confidence.

Closing the digital diversity divide
The Black global diaspora is often underrepresented not only within the corporate world but in the STEM fields specifically. Black people make up just 9% of the technology industry. Bucking this trend, Darnell Walker, and Dr Louise Maynard-Atem are experts at GBG, as Sales Director, and Data Insights Lead respectively for one of the digital identity industry’s leading companies. 

Aside from setting an industry standard for inclusion, GBG offers many reasons to join its team. They feel that since digital identity systems are for everyone, they should be built by everyone. They are committed to equal representation and have made a public commitment to do more to increase the representation of Black talent in their business. The goal is to intentionally reach out to our community to seek out talented, aspiring professionals.

GBG and BYP Network partner for race, diversity, and inclusion
Unlike many companies, GBG isn’t just committing to diversity at the entry level. They create space for you to truly shine because they believe there’s no use bringing in diverse talent without creating space for people to be themselves, contribute and develop  opportunities those in the diaspora often find difficult to attain in a business setting.

For example, over 40% of Black cyber security professionals feel they have experienced discrimination over their ethnicity in the past year. In contrast, GBG’s ‘Culture+’ initiative encourages all team members to count diversity as a strength and see openness to different world views as offering a broader perspective that delivers better results.

GBG welcomes everyone with a passion for what they do – building trust in the digital world.  So, let your passion and talent drive you. Check out open positions, like Customer Support Manager, Service Desk Analyst, Business Development Executive and more, all of which can be found on BYP’s career portal. 

Learn more and accelerate your career today! 


To learn more about GBG or to apply for their available opportunities please visit their BYP jobs board here.

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