Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Key Findings from Croud’s 2022 Report

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Across the UK, Black representation in the marketing industry needs work. According to reports, Black professionals comprise 3 percent of the sector, but only 1 percent in executive and C-suite levels. The lack of professional mobility disenfranchises Black talent and impedes the industry’s progression. 


After the tragic murder of George Floyd and a pandemic, companies committed resources to address and correct policies and practices ensuring an equitable work environment.

A leader in this movement in marketing is Croud. In 2020, the global marketing agency developed an inaugural diversity and inclusion action plan to explore the representation of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, education, age, religion, disability, and employment status. In their recent report, the company provided a comprehensive analysis to review, analyze and mine their internal efforts. 

Regarding race equity, key findings show Croud’s effort increased growth compared to 2020. From a global perspective, Black, Asian and minority ethnic professional representation is 28 percent – a 9.4 increase, but still lags behind their white counterparts at about 70 percent. Regarding executive and C-suite-level positions, Croud’s board remains 100 percent white but saw an increase in the racial diversity of its executive positions within the company jump to 19.2% from 2021. 

Globally, the company’s employee population between men and women is about the same, with a slightly higher rate of women. Senior-level positions for women saw a similar landscape as its global population but notably increased by 16 percent since 2021. Croud’s executive board is still predominantly male at an 80/20 ratio. 

There is still work to be done, and Croud is dedicated to improvement within its focus areas. The company’s approach to diversity and inclusion is rooted in robust and actionable changes from top to bottom for sustainable outcomes. For example, Croud’s diversity scoreboard establishes a foundation of diversity across the company from which it measures its progress. Additionally, Croud developed a maternity training and women’s leadership program Fortis. The company also enlisted the support of several partners to ensure they hold themselves accountable across all areas of their stated diversity objectives. 

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