David Kofi Annor is Putting Diversity at the Forefront of Consulting with Baringa

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This exciting management consultant learned to leverage his skills to land in the perfect industry. A self-described serial intern, David Kofi Annor gained experience in various industries, from corporate law to banking during university. Like many of us, finding the perfect career isn’t always a linear process, and Annor is a perfect example of that.

Kofi used his people skills and love of collaborative work to guide him to Baringa. The company is ranked as one of the UK’s best workplaces. They are one of the world’s leading consulting firms and work with everyone from FTSE 100 names to bright new start-ups, in every sector.

David Kofi Annor – Management Consultant at Baringa Partners

Kofi fits right in as someone who enjoys sorting out problems and delivering transformational solutions. His insightfulness and perseverance serve as a unique strength when serving a range of clients on projects that drive the intention and success of the business.

His skill for problem-solving extends to his work in diversity and inclusion. It also helps that he currently supports several diversity and inclusion initiatives, including a commitment to anti-racism which he is passionate about. Read more about Kofi’s journey and work with Baringa below.

BYP: How important is Black visibility to you?

Kofi: Black role model visibility is one of the most important things for me. Not only does it give me the confidence that I can also reach that level, seeing people in higher positions, but it also gives me confidence knowing the business itself can see me in that position. 

When there is no Black visibility, you start to wonder if the business can see itself promoting you to that level. 

BYP: What are some ways people can harness their allyship concerning diversity and inclusivity?

Kofi: One thing is, allyship is really hard. Sometimes it can be misconstrued as simply thinking “racism is bad.” [Allyship] is also thinking of yourself as an “anti-racist.” Take the time to learn about the different types of discrimination and support your colleagues when they’re visibly targeted or when something is happening in the world around you.

BYP: What does changing that Black narrative look like?

Kofi: It’s all about making sure that people see me for the value I can bring in my role. Also taking time to understand Black history. In previous years, you’d hear the term “I don’t see color,” which can erase the Black narrative altogether. So, it’s about making sure you can value someone for the work they do and give them credit whilst also taking the time to understand their background. 

BYP: What sort of legacy do you want to leave behind and why?

Kofi:  . The type of legacy I want to leave is one back home in Ghana, in the climate space. What that is right now, I don’t know [laughs] but I want to take the skills and knowledge I’ve gained here and go to Ghana to contribute.

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