ARM: The value of ERG’s

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A diverse and inclusive workplace is not something that just happens. Here at Arm, we recognise we could be doing more so we recently expanded our DEI team with the appointment of our brand new Chief Diversity Officer, our Director -Head of DEI and our Senior DEI Program Manager. They have been working hard to create and build a supportive environment where everyone feels valued and through this have created Arm United

One of the ways Arm has helped to start to build this community is by supporting our ERGs. These formal groups are established to provide a safe space for their constituents to create community, share information and strategically enable the organization to create a culture of belonging for all employees. 

ERGs operate with a charter and strategy with efforts aligning to the 4 categories of Career, Culture, Community & Commerce. Each group includes leadership governance with support from a selected senior leader in the role of the Executive Sponsor. Strategic oversight and support are provided by the DEI Team.

All employees are welcome and encouraged to participate in any of the ERGs to find community as constituents or to learn more about others as allies and advocates.

Arms dedicated employees and the DEI team that organize and participate in these groups do not get enough credit for their important work, which is why we are supporting Mogul’s National ERG Day to draw well-deserved attention to the value that ERGs bring to companies

Our global ERGs include:

ERGs at Arm provide inclusive and insightful learning opportunities (such as guest speakers, fireside chats, and focused learning events), empower members through discussion and education with respect to their career paths and planning, as well as social connections.  We also recognize the power of allyship and encourage allies to participate as strong forces on our inclusion journey.  

A few of our ERGs’ recent initiatives include: 

  • The Black@Arm Conference
  • Exploring opportunities with one2one mentoring
  • A Fireside Chat on the importance of visibility and of leaning into it
  • Creating a Group to support Parents/Carers with Neurodivergent children
  • Kite trust LGBTQ+ Inclusion training
  • Trans and Non Binary Coffee meetings
  • Created the Womens network safe space

So, on this National ERG day, Arm wants to thank ERG leaders, participants and companies around the world for making our workplaces better, more dynamic, and more successful.

To learn more about Arm or to apply for their available opportunities please visit their BYP jobs board here.

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