ARM: Gamifying Empathy to Foster Equality – Clorama’s story

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“We are Arm, we bring brilliant people together to unlock the power of technology and spark the world’s potential. And we give visionary interns meaningful roles in developing the most sophisticated advanced processors on the planet. We bring to life 95% of mobile technology and 70% of the global population use our technology. From your smartphone to the world’s fastest supercomputers, autonomous cars to revolutionary healthcare equipment. Looking for an internship where the culture, benefits, and ways of working are just as progressive as the technologies we engineer….. we are Arm.”

Clorama Dorvillas – VR Product manager at Oculus VR & CEO and Founder of Debias VR

Dealing with racial and gender discrimination is an everyday challenge for many students. What if there was a virtual reality training tool that could help empower teachers to minimize their biases and strive toward inclusive, accepting, and inspiring classrooms where all students thrive equally? Well, thanks to Clorama Dorvilias’ innovation and determination, there is. Get to know her technology, Made Possible by Arm

Watch Clorama’s story

Enjoy the vid? Learn more about ARM on their BYP employer page here.

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