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We are excited to collaborate with BNY Mellon to bring you a new mentoring opportunity! 

The BYP/BNY Mellon Mentoring Programme will provide an opportunity for 20 BYP members to be mentored by BNY Mellon colleagues from across the international region (UK, Ireland, India, Singapore and Brazil).  The BNY Mellon mentors are themselves being Sponsored by senior BNY Mellon executives and have volunteered to mentor BYP members as part of a “Mentorship/Sponsorship Triangle” and a commitment to develop talent from underrepresented racial groups. The programme will launch with a virtual event in September 2022 and run for six months with the expectation that mentors and mentees connect for one hour a month as a minimum.  

The culture at BNY Mellon encourages mentoring as a valuable component of professional and personal development, where mentees can reach objectives to build knowledge, skills and develop specific abilities by setting goals and working with their mentors.  This programme will also introduce BYP mentees to BNY Mellon’s culture and values, provide an opportunity to learn from the mentor’s experiences and insights and enhance skills that could lead to future career success.  

Please click here to apply.  

More about BNY Mellon

BNY Mellon offers an exciting array of future-forward careers at the intersection of business, finance and technology. BNY Mellon is one of the world’s top asset management and banking firms in the world. Known as the “bank of banks” – 97% of the world’s top banks work with them to lead and serve their customers into the new era of digital.

With over 238 years of rich history and industry firsts, BNY Mellon has been built upon their ability to evolve, lead and drive new ideas at every turn. Today, they are more than 50k+ employees across 35 countries with a culture that empowers people to grow, take risks, experiment and be themselves.

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