5 Tips To Position Yourself For Promotion

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Compensation Matters

Despite efforts by employers to create an inclusive environment, barriers remain when it comes to compensation, with 51 percent of Black employees saying that the ethnic wage gap has widened during the past two years. According to new research, 66 percent of workers believe their employer has to do more to reduce the ethnicity pay gap. This issue can affect their mental health and confidence and impact their living standards. 

How to position yourself for a Promotion

While experience and abilities are frequently needed for a promotion, you can do more to position yourself to level up your career.

1. Participate in cross-training opportunities 

Cross-training goes a long way to boost your professional development. As a Black professional, you need to utilise every chance to gain new abilities, which entails learning skills beyond your current role. The wider your skill set and knowledge, the better your chances of moving upward. In addition to increasing your productivity and effectiveness, it can also boost the company’s financial performance.

2. Ask for feedback

Compared to their white coworkers, blacks receive 2.4 times more input that is not actionable. An excellent way to position yourself for promotion is to ask for feedback from your employer or supervisor. What areas can you improve on? How can I get promoted to a leadership role? 

Employees who get good feedback on how they’re doing at work are more likely to develop their talents and advance in their careers than those who don’t.

3. Be positive

When the covid-19 threw the world into a state of lockdown, keeping hope alive seemed like the last resort. However, a positive approach goes a long way to making a difference. A strong leader can remain calm and positive under stress. You may produce consistent outcomes and lower your likelihood of making mistakes by maintaining a clear, concentrated mind.

4. Identify and solve issues

You stand out as an exceptional employee and demonstrate your leadership potential by taking the initiative to address issues. You can start by looking around for things that hinder productivity or prevent the business from reaching its goals. Then create a plan to make things better. Since companies value independent thinkers highly, you may stand out from other candidates for a promotion.

5. Be authentic

Black workers are frequently asked to leave a significant portion of themselves at the door to be welcomed at work to avoid being “difficult.” However, to be seen and understood at work, you must fully show up at the workplace. When you’re authentic, you’re better able to serve the organisation.

Take action

Businesses are making strides when it comes to building an inclusive environment. However, given the disparity in the wage gap, Black professionals need to step up and position themselves for promotion. Whether you are looking for a new career or seeking to grow in your chosen career path, you can check out BYP Job Board for some exciting jobs. 

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