Advancing the Careers of Black Professionals

Powered by Javelin we connect you with talented Black professionals by making every opening a diversity opportunity. Plus, facilitate networking events and upskilling content to 150,000+ members and 1000+ organisations.

Introducing Javelin for Employers

Our groundbreaking career advancement platform to help
companies Attract, Retain and Engage Black Talent

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Join thousands of Black professionals and leading corporations who are using BYP Network to connect, grow and succeed.

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Our Audience

We are proud to connect with 150,000 members across various communication channels and within over 20 countries, with focus areas including the UK, US and Africa. Our members comprise a full range of experience levels, from graduates and those seeking apprenticeships, to junior, mid and senior level professionals. 
These members have interests within a multitude of industries, including Finance, Tech, Marketing & Media, HR / DEI and more. A large proportion of our members are either looking for a new job or for a career change.  To find out more about our demographic, get in touch

Working with Brands across the globe


Engage Retain


Enhance and amplify your employer brand through content, newsletters and webinars

Attract & Engage

Showcase your internal culture and enhance your employer brand​


Participate in diversity training with our Black Experience Course​

Attract, Engage & Retain

Post unlimited jobs directly to Javelin

Branding & Engagement

Our branding and engagement package is an omnichannel way to raise brand awareness and advocacy with the Black community and amplify lead generation. enhance your employer value proposition and build social capital through a collection of:

Opportunities to collaborate on virtual and in-person events, plus sponsor our flagship careers fest and leadership conferences. This will enable direct engagement and candidate-lead acquisition.
Option to have organic and/or targeted promotions across BYP marketing channels, social media and newsletter.
Content Hub features and corporate profile interviews for a more in-depth insight into your people and projects
Make every opening a diversity opportunity by posting your roles on our career advancement job platform.


We host a regular programme of online and in-person events throughout the year, including partner-focused webinars and masterclasses, panel discussions and interviews, networking events, US summits and our annual flagship Leadership Conference in London

Black Experience Course

Generalist unconscious bias training is not enough, and can be dismissive to the particularities of different minority experiences. Our Black Experience Course (BEC) is a 2-3 hour CPD-accredited online course, packed with trainer-led videos, questions and case studies that detail the Black experience at work. Our course comes with a certification upon completion that can be shared online as indication of conscientious support.

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Branding and Engagement kit

BYP Network has worked with more than 200 corporate partners across a range of sectors, all of whom are actively looking to hire Black talent.

Introducing Javelin

BYP Network is thrilled to announce the launch of our groundbreaking career advancement platform, Javelin. Designed to bridge the gap between Black talent and curated career opportunities

The Power of Real Allyship

Allyship is a critical piece in DEI. Businesses are focusing more than ever on efforts to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace.