Join Our Community Partnership Programme

About the Community Partnership Programme

At BYP Network, we believe in the power of collaboration to create positive
change for the black community. Our Community Partnership is designed to
foster collaboration between like-minded organizations, including non-profits,
black network groups and black-owned businesses to promote inclusivity
networking and mutual growth for all black professionals.

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What We Offer

Event Promotion

Get your events listed on our website, with a direct link to your event platform. We also promote your events to our 40K+ subscribers.

Dedicated Page

Your organisation gets a dedicated page on our platform Javelin with your information, logo, and events.

Newsletter Feature

We feature your events in BYP's monthly community newsletter.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links for your members to enjoy select benefits at BYP corporate events.

Official Partner Status

You'll be advertised as an official Community Partner on our BYP page.

Your Commitment


Promote the partnership in your newsletter

Event Support

Provide a 5-minute speaking slot or play a BYP recorded video at one of your events to promote Javelin

Booth or Collateral

Offer a booth at an event or include marketing collateral for distribution

Member Involvement

Provide a minimum of one ticket for a BYP member to attend your in-person events.

Official partner Status

Advertise as an official Community Partner on your organisation’s page

Join Our Inclusive Community

The BYP Network Community Partnership is all about fostering collaboration and mutual support among organisations committed to the growth and empowerment of black professionals. Join us in creating a diverse and inclusive space that celebrates unique perspectives and provides equal opportunities for all.

Ready to make a difference? Join our Community Partnership Program and collaborate with us for a stronger, more inclusive community. Click below to get started and become an official Community Partner today!  Partner with Us