I am a passionate, ambitious individual working in healthcare leadership with a scientific background. 

I studied BSc Biomedical Science at the undergrad level with a view of completing a Postgrad and working clinically in the NHS. During this time, I heard about the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme and jumped at the chance to combine my love of science and interest in healthcare delivery with my natural leadership capabilities. I am currently in my final of three placements under the scheme and preparing to move into to my first official post. It has been an incredible learning opportunity – the inner workings of the NHS are more complex than I could have imagined; and I find the more I know, the more I’m aware I don’t know. The continuous learning keeps things exciting. So far, I’ve covered a wide range of areas with main focuses having been Cancer pathways, hospital patient flow, estate maximisation and project management. My main effort currently is concerned with rolling out a new Trustwide Tobacco Dependency service. 

Overall, it is the amazingly resilient and hardworking people that keep the NHS ticking and that attracted me in the first place, as I love that leadership puts you in a position to nurture and develop others, grow capability & confidence and bring people up with you. That’s what is it all about for me. The mission, with all its arms and legs, is about helping the nation to live their healthiest and happiest lives – it’s inspiring and unifying, and makes the tough work feel worth it. 

Outside of work I love to spend time with family and friends, cooking, walking in nature and curating music libraries. I also volunteer with a Mental Health crisis service and pre-pandemic was very keen on travel, which I hope to return to now things are settling.