Andie has been breaking and building things since the dot-com era, which paved the way for our digital economy. With a lifelong passion for tinkering, self-development, technology, business, and innovation, he keeps up with current events and eagerly shares his insights with whoever will lend him an ear. Andie is inquisitive and curious, thriving on engaging in thought-provoking conversations about life’s big questions.

Most recently, his expertise has been helping busy individuals and start-ups establish strong digital brands and maintain an online presence to foster growth and success. Additionally, he provides extensive IT technical assistance, data recovery, and educational support. As one of the Tech Lead and original Brand Ambassador for FirstGens UK Ltd, he empowers first-generation university students, contributing regularly to their success.

Andie is also training to become a Reliability or Infrastructure Engineer while establishing his own consultancy, Andrea Kwabena Technologies (AndieKobbieTKs). His consultancy aims to provide tech consulting and ethical solutions. Guided by the principle that one has the ability to do many things but not the capacity to do everything, Andrea wholeheartedly embraces this belief as a way of life.