BYP holds Corporate Brunch for Partners

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BYP Network was excited to host its inaugural corporate brunch for partners, on Wed 22 February 2023, at the Montcalm East Hotel in Old Street.

The event welcomed over 40 partners from a range of sectors together to learn more about BYP’s journey so far, our latest initiatives and insights, and to network with one another and the BYP team. Not to mention the chance to enjoy some delicious warming food, pastries and refreshments.

Kike Oniwinde Agoro, Founder and CEO of BYP, led the event with a talk and presentation featuring some exclusive stats and information about new projects we are working on, before opening the floor to discussion.

The tables were then asked to think about the question:

What internal steps can your organisation take to retain Black talent whilst nurturing a candidate pipeline?

Partners engaged with the brainstorming session, opening up about what their companies have been doing and what challenges they are facing internally. It was an opportunity to share and suggest solutions, and highlight what has and has not worked effectively in terms of diversity, equity and inclusion practices.

Attendees appreciated the genuine feedback and insights (under Chatham House Rules), and the facilitation of networking with other senior professionals.

Some of the themes and issues covered included:

  • Removing barriers in the hiring cycle and having representation on panels
  • The different corporate concepts of diversity
  • The challenges of legally tracking diversity and differences between the US and UK
  • Communication between different company functions and teams
  • Improving retention by showing Black talent a pathway to the top
  • The effects that layoffs have on company confidence
  • The limitations of budgets and the ‘immediate results’ ethos
  • Diversity roadmapping
  • Creating more external visibility on company diversity and inclusion initiatives

Working with us

BYP Network is proud to have worked with over 200 partners to date, connecting with a community of over 150K across our communication channels, and building presence in over 20 countries. Through our collaborations with our partners, we have helped over 20K professionals to upskill via webinars, mentoring, live events and content.

We are looking forward to continuing our great relations with our partners and seeing how we can be the best companion and adviser to help you ATTRACT, RETAIN and ENGAGE Black talent, and address your overarching HR and DEI needs.


If you have any queries or would like to see what other initiatives you can get involved with, don’t hesitate to contact your BYP representative and/or account manager.

We have various event sponsorship opportunities available for instance, including our NYC and Atlanta summits on the 19th and 23rd May, our Careers Fair in September and our flagship Leadership conference and launch party during the first week of October.

Interested in partnering with us? Discover more of the benefits of being a BYP partner and get in touch.

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