Ask your employer

The BYP Leadership Conference will provide first-hand access to the latest trends in the field and best practices that will increase your knowledge, transform your career, and maximise your contribution at work. 

There are numerous chances to network with other leading professionals that can help you identify opportunities and successfully overcome any challenges you are facing in your journey to succeed and advance in the workplace.

Below are some tips on how to ask your employer to purchase your in-person ticket for the conference on the 6th October 2022 at the Mermaid Theatre, London. In-person tickets cost £150pp (or discounts for group purchases) and have numerous added benefits including meeting speakers and delegates, hands-on workshops, networking food and drinks, giveaways and more.


Focus on specific benefits that you will bring back to your office as a return on investment.


Share your experience. Propose to deliver a short presentation to your colleagues to share what you learned and offer possible applications and recommendations relevant to your office.


Remind your manager that the BYP Leadership Conference is a great opportunity to learn key insights and network with influential figures at a very reasonable cost compared to other conferences.


Prepare Your “Elevator Speech” : Every company and boss are different so make sure you know which things are going to be most persuasive with your boss and in your environment, and have those bullets committed to memory so you can confidently convey the importance of attending.


Structure your written letter request / email well: we have written out some sample text that you could use – see below to get the template. We‘ll be happy to help if needed as well.

Dear [Manager’s name],

I would like to attend BYP Network's 2022 Leadership Conference 'Knowledge is Power' on October 6th, during UK Black History Month. The conference will allow me to attend several sessions that are applicable to my work, will strengthen my personal development, and will provide the opportunity to connect with inspirational and like-minded Black professionals from across the country.

BYP is widely regarded as providing the leading forums, tools and support for Black business professionals, helping to reduce workplace biases, enhance individual confidence and improve diversity, equity and inclusion as a whole. I believe their flagship event will further sharpen my technical skills, develop my leadership expertise, and build my knowledge of other company’s innovations and best practices that could benefit [company name] . I would be happy to share my findings after the conference with other colleagues to build on the knowledge-sharing and insightful aspect of the event.

Your support of my attendance would include the registration fee of £150, or a lower cost for bulk tickets, should others want to attend also. This full registration provides access to all the keynote sessions (from the likes of Sir Trevor Phillips, The Apprentice's Timothy Campbell, and CTO of Compare the Market, Renee Hunt), workshops and networking opportunities. Your support of my attendance would be much appreciated and acknowledges the value [company name] places on supporting and cultivating diversity and professional development in both traditional and non-traditional ways. Thank you for your consideration.


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