If you want to go fast, go alone,
if you want to go far, go together.

BY-Peers London Chief Activator, Ruth, shares why she decided to lead the BY-Peers London Group: London is a very diverse city and with BYP Network having been founded in the city, it's a privilege to lead the BY-Peers London community. On a personal level it's an opportunity to grow my professional network and develop skills that can help me accelerate my career progression as a Consultant at Accenture.

BY-Peers New York City Chief Activator, Robert, shares why he decided to lead the BY-Peers New York City Group: At the core of all my work I strive to connect people, ideas, & communities. As a professional, I'm always looking to grow my network and to serve as a resource to others. Being a NYC transplant (with no family or prior connections) showed me how important 'finding my people' was.

Bring your peers together
to progress together

BY-Peers Lagos Chief Activator, Oluwafemi, shares why he decided to lead the BY-Peers Lagos Group: Connecting professionals not only in Lagos but globally to each other by active exchange of ideas, inspiring the community to tap into the vision of BYP and elevating members to stronger positions in society in order to have all round success in business and career is my ultimate goal professionally.

BY-Peers Dubai Chief Activator, Jayde-Olivia, shares why she decided to lead the BY-Peers Dubai Group: Dubai has a large expat community and leading the BY-Peers Dubai group has given me an opportunity to be connected to it. Being a part of BYP Network has given me media exposure including being a part of will.i.am: The Blackprint documentary that explores what it means to be black and British.

Requirements & Benefits


Event Host: Host monthly events to bring your community together. Events can be fireside chats, panels, workshops, mixers and parties

Community Builder: You're a Community Builder. You excel at bringing people together for a common purpose. You're passionate about helping your peers progress their careers.

Commentator: Contribute to the conversation of changing the narrative for black talent. Be it speaking at events, thought leadership pieces or contributing commentary to news articles and segments.


Accelerate the growth of your professional network and fast track your own career progression.

Develop your leadership skills and increase your earnings potential.

Gain exposure as a trailblazer who drives positive change for young black professionals.

Receive VIP access to the BYP Network Leadership conference including complimentary ticket, front row seat, swag and invitation to parties and drinks receptions.

Access to exclusive events including our Chief Activators Leadership Retreat, executive workshops, private dinners and private screenings.

Connect with other Chief Activators globally allowing you to build an enviable global network and exchange best practises on nurturing your local BY-Peers communities.

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